Bridge Loan

The Bridge Loan provides the speed, flexibility and simplicity for today’s investor. Leverage up to an 80% LTV on an acquisition or up to 75% LTV on a rate and term refinance, cash-out or blanket loan. Close quickly on an acquisition, exit an upcoming loan maturity or cross-collateralize in lieu of a downpayment, increase cash-out or lower the LTV. Get the cash needed to accomplish your goals and grow your business: increase liquidity, reserves, rehab a property or invest in additional properties. The bridge loan is a short-term option for any investment strategy and qualifying is easy with a review of the investor's overall credit profile and property cashflow.


Key Points

Minimum Mid-FICO 660

No Upfront Due Diligence or Commitment Fees

Qualifying Income is based on the property’s cash flow

Vacant Property - Ok for soon to be leased rent ready

Close Quickly




$100,000 - $2.5 million+

LTV: up to 80% LTV

Interest: from 6.99%*

Rate: Fixed

Term: 1-3 years

Amort: Interest Only

DSCR: 0.00-1.25x minimum

PPP: 6 months







Blanket (2+ properties)




Single Family Residence



Multifamily 2-4 Units

Multifamily 5+ units

Mixed-Use (50%+ Residential)


*Interest Rate is determined by the loan-to-value and credit profile.