Fix and Flip Line Of Credit

The Fix & Flip Line Of Credit is an excellent tool for the experienced and active investor. Once approved for a LOC, the line provides a streamlined lending process so you can acquire and renovate multiple properties faster, without going through a complete borrower review each time you buy a property. Once approved for a LOC we only need: an appraisal, scope-of-work, inspection, insurance and title work for each property you wish to fund on the LOC. Once the line is established, access to funds are quick and Proof Of Funds are accessible for deals requiring this. A borrower’s approval is based on experience, liquid assets, net worth, and credit score. Contact me to discuss further and streamline your business model.


Key Points

Minimum Mid-FICO 620

Individual or Multiple Properties

Minimum Property Value $50,000

Experience: 1 or more flips, builds or active rentals within the last 2 years

Provides proof of funds when sourcing deals

Property underwriting approval is faster with a borrower who has an Approved Line of Credit




$1 million - $25 million+

Purchase LTC: up to 90% financed

Rehab Budget: up to 100% financed

ARV: up to 75% max.

Interest: from 6.99%

Rate: Fixed

Line Term: 12 months

Loan Term: 9 months (per property)

Amort: Interest Only

No Prepayment Penalty

No Escrows Required

Revolving & Non-Revolving Options

Recourse and Non-Recourse Options




Purchase and Renovation of a Single Property or Multiple Properties




Single Family Residence






Multifamily (5+ Units)