New Construction Line of Credit

Builders and Investors can secure a line of credit (LOC) for the purpose of new construction. This LOC is for ground-up construction and can be utilized for a single build or multiple builds. All residential investment property types are eligible, including multifamily (5+ units). The loan amount per property will be determined by the lessor 90% of Cost or 75% of the Completed Value. Obtain 100% of construction cost if your lot(s) are free and clear. Interest Only payments are available for the 12 month loan term per property. Contact me to discuss your project.


Key Points

Minimum Mid-FICO 620

Multiple draws available at borrower’s discretion

No Experience Required

Lot financing can be included, if lots are in build-ready condition

No interest charged on undrawn construction funds

Common Sense Underwriting




Line Amount: $500,000 - $10 million+

Loan Amount: $150,000 - $2.5 million per property

LTC: up to 100%*

ARV: up to 75%

Interest: from 7.00%**

Rate: Fixed

Line Term: 12 Months

Loan Term: up to 12 months per property

Amort: Interest Only

DSCR: None

No Prepayment Penalty

No Impounds

Full Recourse




New Construction (tear down or ground-up)

Construction Completion



Property Types

Single Family Home






Mixed-Use: 75% residential

Multifamily: 5-20 units


*Up to 90% of lot value and construction costs or up to 100% of construction cost if the lot is owned free-and-clear.

**Interest Rate dependent upon experience and credit profile.