Rehab-to-Perm Loan

The Rehab-to-Perm Loan offers a rehab loan and a rental permanent loan with the convenience of a single loan closing. Upon rehab completion the loan is converted to a 30-year fully amortized rental loan. The property can be rented or vacant (rent ready) prior to the conversion. Skip the entire refinance process and costs with this loan. An absolute time and money saver for investors who purchase, rehab and rent property. The streamlined loan process includes no upfront lender fees, minimal loan costs, reduced lender points, no junk fees and a quick closing. This is the goto fix and hold loan.

Key Points

Minimum Mid-FICO 620

Rehab-to-Perm Single-Close Convenience

No Up-Front Due Diligence or Commitment Fees

Save on Interest and Fees

Close within 3 weeks



Rehab Terms

$100,000 - $1 million+

Purchase LTC: up to 90% financed

Rehab Budget: up to 100% financed

ARV: up to 75%

Interest: from 7.00%**

Rate: Fixed

Term: up to 12 Months

Amort: Interest Only


No Prepayment Penalty

Rental Terms

$100,000 - $1 million+

LTV: Up to 75%

Interest: from 5.00%*

Rate: Fixed or Hybrid ARM

Fixed Term: 5, 10 or 30 years

Term: 30 years

Amort: 30 years

DSCR: 1.30x

Step Down Prepayment Penalty

Impounds Required




Purchase, Rehab and Rent

Refinance, Rehab and Rent




Single Family Residence


Multifamily 2-4 Units

Planned Unit Developments



*Interest Rate dependent upon credit profile, loan amount and experience.