Rental Portfolio Loan

The Rental Portfolio Loan is designed for both the novice and professional landlord. Qualifying is easy, approval is based on the cash flow of your rental properties and not your personal debt to income ratio. Their is no limit on the number of properties owned or the amount of outstanding loans the investor holds. A portfolio loan will allow you to consolidate multiple mortgages into a single payment mortgage. Cash-Out to unlock equity from existing properties, Refinance to improve cash flow or Purchase to build on your portfolio. This is a great opportunity to start or expand your empire.


Key Points

Minimum Mid-FICO 650

Minimum 5 Properties/Doors

Qualifying income is based on property cash flow

Multi-State Properties - Ok

Property Releases - Ok




$500,000 - $25 million+

LTV: up to 80%*

Interest: from 4.99%**

Rate: Fixed 

Term: 5, 10 or 30 years

Amort: Up to 30 years, with interest-only option available

DSCR: 1.15x minimum

Multiple Prepayment Penalty Options

Recourse and Non-Recourse Options




Purchase a portfolio of properties

Refinance a portfolio of properties

Refinance and acquire properties under the same transaction





Condominium (warrantable and non-warrantable)

Single Family Residence





Planned Urban Developments (PUD)

Multifamily (5-20 units)

Vacation Rentals (Airbnb, Seasonal, etc…)

*Up to an 80% LTV on purchase, refinance or cash-out.

**Interest Rate dependent upon credit score, loan-to-value, fixed term and DSCR.