Rental Property Loan

The Rental Property Loan is designed for borrowers seeking a streamlined loan solution. This loan comes as a fixed rate or hybrid ARM product with each offering a 30 year loan term and amortization. Leverage up to an 80% LTV on a purchase, rate and term refinance or a refinance with cash-out. Income qualifications are based on the property’s cashflow, not your personal income. No limit on the number of rental properties currently financed. This is the ideal alternative to a traditional bank or hard money loan. Contact me to discuss your options or to get pre-approved.


Key Points

Minimum Mid-FICO 620

Qualifying income is based on property cash flow

Purchase: No sourcing or seasoning of funds

Refinance: No seasoning for Full-Appraisal Value

Cash-out can be used for qualifying reserves




$100,000 - $2.5 million

LTV: Up to 80%*

Interest: from 4.99%**

Rate: Fixed or Hybrid ARM

Fixed Term: 5, 7, 10 or 30 years

Term: 30 years

Amort: 30 years (partial interest-only available)

DSCR: No Minimum

Multiple Prepayment Penalty Options

Impounds Required










Single Family Home



Multifamily 2-4 Units

Planned Urban Developments

Vacation Rentals (Airbnb, Seasonal, etc…)



*Up to an 80% LTV on purchase, refinance or cash-out.

**Interest Rate dependent upon credit score, loan-to-value, fixed term and DSCR. Buy-down available.